Refer & Earn

How Refer & Earn Works

  • You Invite a Friend
    You Invite a Friend
    Invite a friend by email, social media, or WhatsApp.
  • Your Friend Joins Us
    Your Friend Joins Us
    Your friend joins us using a referral code and complete verification.
  • Friend Shops Online
    Friend Shops Online
    Shop online and earn cash back.
  • Earn Bonus
    Earn Bonus
    You and your friend each receive a $10 bonus.

Why Refer Friends

  • Help Your Friends
    Help Your Friends

    Share with your friends how to earn cash back on top of discounts and promo codes.

  • One-time Bonus
    One-time Bonus

    Refer friends to join KeiKash, both you and your friends will earn a $10 bonus.

  • Extra 10% For Every Transaction
    Extra 10% For Every Transaction

    Earn 10% of your friend's cash back earnings for lifetime.

  • Unlimited Earnings
    Unlimited Earnings

    There is no limit to referral earnings. You can refer as many friends as you like.

Earn a bonus for each friend who signs up using your referral code and fulfills the related requirements. No limits on referrals mean you can potentially earn an unlimited amount of money by inviting friends to KeiKash.
We provide unique referral codes to all registered users. You can ask your friends if they are registered and get a code to use when signing in. It is optional.
Yes, you need to earn a minimum of $25 cash back to be eligible to earn the $10 referral bonus.
Once your friend joins using your referral code, the bonus entry will appear in your account as pending. Once you meet the minimum $25 cash back requirement, your bonus transaction will be confirmed.
Yes, you must earn the $25 cash back within 90 days of joining us.
No, you do not need to earn $25 cash back for every user. However, every new user who signs up using your referral code must earn a $25 cash back requirement within 90 days so that you can earn the referral bonus.
You will earn 10% cash back from your friend's earnings. This will be on top of the one-time bonus.
Yes, these are introductory offers for a limited time, so make the most of them before the program is discontinued.
Your earnings will remain with you. It will never lapse or expire.
You can contact us by filling out the contact form and elaborating your detailed question.