Dustin Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum and Mop

Dustin Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum and Mop

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 With his software and navigation code engineered entirely in the U.S. and Canada, Dustin champions clean tech. Dustin’s whopping 4.6-liter dust station creates more room for your dirt than the robotic vacuum your neighbor fell for. Leave Dustin to vacuum for up to 100 days without sucking any of your time, and with assurance that you can trust this one with your secrets: Never does Dustin send images anywhere‑-servers, cloud or otherwise--be it of your room layout or your cleaning habits. Furthermore, any info you personally insert into the app (such as name and email address) is strictly stored on US-based servers. Nothing at all gets exported onto foreign servers (again, unlike your neighbor's expensive vacuum). An expert navigator, Dustin uses LiDar in conjunction with his unparalleled Quantum Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (QSLAM) with Realtime computing. No need to “train your dragon”--Dustin identifies rooms at first glance, and doesn't waste your time with exploration sessions. Enjoy the immediate, detailed, and color-coded map on your app, and feel free to practice your drawing skills: use the app to draw any shape of NoSweep Zones or working areas when necessary or when bored, and Dustin will follow. If a 150-minute vacuum session is not enough for your fancy mansion, set Dustin to resume where he left off after he juices up. And if stains and paw prints don’t quite match your decor, attach Dustin’s mop and fill up his 350ml reservoir, so he simultaneously adds a layer of shine, while vacuuming. Dustin supports Bluetooth and fast WiFi pairing to connect to a 2.4 GHz WiFi network. Use Alexa or Google to boss Dustin around, by simply talking. As a specialized pet hair vacuum, Dustin incorporates 4100 Pa of suction into a TurboLift technology, something you would never guess, judging by his quiet demeanor. At under 60 decibels on default setting, Dustin is a pet whisperer.

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